Creating a Culture of Service Excellence for Business

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“Every year Businesses in the U.S. lose $84 Billion due to poor customer service”

A recent report highlighted that across 16 key economies, the total loss for poor customer service in U.S. dollars is $368 billion annually, or put another way; the average value of each customer relationship lost to a competitor is over $251.

Poor customer service has an immediate and lasting impact on your company or Hotel’s bottom line, and it is vital to understand the direct financial impact of poor customer service, and identify the gaps between your customer’s experience and their expectations.
Once identified, a remedy is essential to drive profitability.

Consumers want quality, safety and privacy. and employees require a stronger sense of purpose and acknowledgement.
Your service culture is at the core of these demands.

Are you ready for improvements in your service culture?

We are here to help you drive profitable revenue growth from new, delighted, customer experiences and by building a team of happy, committed employees that will go above and beyond for each other and your customers.
We do this by developing customized solutions to invigorate your culture and service experience,
whether you are in a service business, hospitality or venue.

We help you with;

Creating Your Culture of Service Excellence

Customized phases of a planned program for business and hospitality that creates long term, significant and sustainable improvements in your service culture.

  • Improved financial performance
  • Almost instant results
  • Staff retention tools
  • Team building
  • Timeline based phases
  • Easy to follow and implement
  • Top down and bottom up feedback
  • Fully supported over 12 months
  • The results are measurable advances in customer service levels, both internally and externally.

Your own “Aha !!" Moment

  • Inspiring change
  • Motivating your team
  • Morale building
  • Entertaining
  • Clear learning takeaways
  • Hear Donald at one of his many annual conferences, or book Donald for your own conference or summit, and inspire and delight your audience with insights about excellence in service delivery and tales of service failure and redemption.

What can we help you achieve?

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